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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Webinar | Learn more about Infor VISUAL Multi-Site and Infor Licensing

Does your company have multiple entities or sister companies?  Is your company considering acquiring other businesses?  Maybe your company could be acquired in the future? 

With Infor VISUAL Multi-Site, you can have one database to manage all your entities/sites. 

Reserve your seat at the webinar to learn more

Multi-entity:  a parent enterprise/company has separate business units or divisions that are separate legal entities, each with their own tax ID and independent financial statements, base currency and reporting.

Multi-site: multiple sites belong to one accounting entity. Financial statements and reporting is at the accounting entity level, but inventory control, WIP, planning and other data is separated by site.

 Register for this webinar to discover how this module manages:

  • Separate financial reporting for each entity in one database.
  • Restrict visibility between entities with security features.
  • Separate manufacturing sites for manufacturing Work in Process.
  • Movement of inventory between sites or entities via automated buy and sell.
  • Enhanced financial reporting: site roll up to the entity; entity roll up to parent company for consolidated reporting.

Special Guest Speaker:  Robert Hudaj, Regional Vice President of Channels, Canada, US 

We often learn from our clients after the fact about major financial structure changes, and it can be challenging to deal with the required Infor licensing changes in a rush. During this webinar, you will not only learn more about the multi-site features of Infor VISUAL ERP but to also hear directly from Robert Hudaj of Infor about the Infor licensing requirements and options when a company changes its structure. It is best to learn about multi-site and how company acquisitions can impact your Infor licensing before you start down that path.

Date: October 10, 2018

Time: 2:00pm

Reserve your seat

Posted by Jen Scherer at 08:22 AM

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