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Friday, February 09, 2018

[VIDEO] Meet the Factory of the Future 

The Factory of the Future is coming, and it’s being built on technology, innovation, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. But what is it, exactly? And what are the technologies you need to know about to help your manufacturing company embrace the change?

It's no surprise to many that a vast majority of manufacturers suffer from a lack of flexibility, poor demand forecasting and capacity planning, supply chain visibility issues, unexpected equipment failures and downtimes, and overall inefficient processes. Manufacturers are also having a hard time finding skilled and unskilled labor.

All of these issues are leading more and more manufacturing executives to explore new ways to increase efficiency through technology- including upgraded manufacturing ERP software, introducing sensor-connected machines and other IoT initiatives. This technology not only provides opportunities for increased efficiency, but will also attract a new workforce.

Read more about how Industry 4.0 is influencing manufacturing operations:

Meet the Factory of the Future

Posted by Jen Scherer at 12:38 PM

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