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Friday, January 05, 2018

Upgrading your ERP creates strong backbone for a digital agenda


Digital technology is here to stay and changing customer preferences and perceptions in an unprecedented manner. Manufacturers and their ecosystems have never been under such a pressure to make transitions to modern  IT solutions. Their large-scale investments in the IT landscape over the years needs to be revamped to address this change. Many manufacturing organizations are doing quick fixes to stay digitally relevant by addressing only the customer experience component. This has limited success.

Greater transformation success can be seen by those who keep their ERP at the very latest version. The ERP solution is the primary tactic for a digital transformation, acting as the backbone of the entire digital strategy. Our customers migrating from legacy Baan solutions to the latest release of Infor LN, have found that deploying the most modern version of the ERP gives you all of the advanced features you need in order to keep pace with change and adopt digital strategies.

Each version of a ERP release has its own shelf life, and it’s imperative that organizations keep upgrading them every few years to leverage the best in class functionalities in alignment with technological shifts. While there are multiple angles to be addressed in a migration/upgrade project, we have identified five factors which contribute to a smooth deployment and transition.

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Posted by Jen Scherer at 08:02 AM

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