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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Top ERP Selection Criteria

Top ERP Selection Criteria

A few years ago, hundreds of companies who recently purchased ERP systems were surveyed as part of a study. This study, performed by Deloitte & Touche, asked respondents to name the top criteria they used for their ERP selection.

What made this study different from others was that they tallied up those who were buying their first system separately from businesses buying their second- to see if experience changed purchasing criteria. And it did! 

As second-time buyers have the experience that first-time buyers might lack, it is safe to say that they may be ‘smarter’ when it comes to selecting an ERP system. Using that reasoning, the second-time buyer rankings are a better guide to what really matters when researching ERP system options.

Therefore, the key points that surface are: 

  • The reseller’s level of support for the implementation and beyond is the top criteria for second-time buyers.
  • The software developer’s track record is much more important to firms in their second implementation.
  • On the surface, many packages look alike, but the years of development invested into a product is critical to the long-term success and growth of a product.
  • Price, though important, is not the best measure of a system’s value.


ERP Selection Criteria Infographic BizTech


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