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Thursday, July 26, 2018

The fourth rule of an ERP selection project: Pick the right team for the job

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Assembling a highly productive team is absolutely essential to the success of any ERP project, which requires building an effective team structure and choosing the right members. Whether you are a small or large organization, you should fill the following roles: leaders, project managers, project champions and cross-functional members.

ERP Selection Team Leader

Firstly, you need team leader(s). These team member(s) don't necessarily need to be executives, but should have experience and the power to make decisions. Look for senior managers who head the various departments which will be impacted by the project. Because these members have the power to make decisions, they should define the scope in terms of time and budget.

ERP Selection Project Manager

The team also needs project managers to keep everything going smoothly. Remember, an ERP project is not just an IT project, so the project managers should not only come from the IT department. If you have a small team with no ERP or PM experience, this is a role where a hired consultant would be best suited. 

Cross-Functional ERP Team Members

Of course, the team also needs functional team members. Having a cross-functional team is important so that everyone understands the processes in each area of the organization, and how the ERP system will tie them all together. Choose people from different departments: finance, manufacturing, and technical. 

ERP Specialist

One of your team members should also be the "ERP Specialist" or "Project Champion." This person will become a "super user" who will learn all areas and processes of the ERP system. The person in this role is your go-to person once the ERP system is implemented, so they should be involved in every step of the process.

There is a lot of planning required before an ERP project is launched. Choosing the right people for your ERP project team, and empowering them to make decisions, can not only make the process more productive, but can also save your company money and time.

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