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Thursday, December 20, 2018

What does a SQL Server DBA do? And why is it important?

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SQL Server database administration takes time... a lot of it!

If you're a DBA or a general IT employee who also has to do all of the DBA work, you know how time-consuming DBA tasks can be... and how important that mountain of data is to your company.

But many people in an organization probably don't really know what a DBA does. 

We like to think of DBAs as the 'Cardiologists' of an organization's data, working with and protecting the integrity of the database, which is the heart.

Good database administration leads to benefits such as improved productivity and availability of business services, lower total cost of ownership, and aligned IT operations and business objectives. But let's look deeper into what a SQL Server Database Administrator actually does.

DBA tasks include:

  • Performing and monitoring backups
  • Installing, configuring, patching and upgrading
  • Performance monitoring & alert automation
  • Ensuring data security
  • Maintaining uptime
  • Performing integrity checks
  • Monitoring storage and planning for growth
  • Reviewing SLQ Server error logs
  • Reviewing Windows event logs
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Testing, testing, testing
  • Integrating and maintaining applications
  • Backup & recovery planning
  • Auditing data as needed or 24/7
  • Report writing with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Database design
  • Programming as needed
  • Data migrations
  • Managing SQL Server-based applications
  • General systems management
  • Developing and maintaining best practices
  • Managing test environments before rolling out new applications or updates

That's an extensive list! And that's not even all of the tasks a DBA handles.

As you can see, Database administration can be a time-consuming burden on your IT staff, but is essential for the integrity of your SQL Server.

If you don't have a dedicated DBA, or your IT department just doesn't have enough time, we have a solution for this - you could free up internal IT resources for other important projects by having BizTech's team of VISUAL and Database experts do some of the monthly DBA tasks for you! 

Take a look at our SQL Server Remote DBA Service

BizTech SQL Server Remote DBA

Posted by Jen Scherer at 11:21 AM

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