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Friday, July 20, 2018

Second rule of an ERP software search: If you don't know about ERP, find someone who does

ERP Project Knowledge - BizTechIf you've been tasked with researching ERP for your company, hopefully you know a little about it. If you don't, just seeing the results of a simple ERP web search can even be overwhelming. An ERP system will impact your entire organization, so if you don't know ERP, your best bet is to find someone who does to help you out

Look for internal ERP project experience

Chances are good that some of your coworkers have been through an ERP implementation project before. Ask around- their knowledge and experience will be invaluable! 

No Internal resources? Find an ERP Selection Consultant

If there isn't much internal experience, many organizations choose to find a consultant to help them narrow down the extensive list of possible solutions and manage the selection project. ERP consultants have been there before, and can save your team a lot of time. They can help with project management, market research, selection team involvement, vendor management and much more. Finding an unbiased consultant who is familiar with your industry and knows the ins and outs of many ERP solution options will lead you on the path to success.

The right consultant will also help you identify what you don't need in an ERP- so you don't spend your whole budget on a Cadillac when you really just needed a Honda. While your company may not want to throw down the money for an ERP consultant, the benefits of hiring one often outweighs the costs.

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Seven Rules to Follow Before You Begin An ERP Selection Project

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