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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When it comes to manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning, you must pay attention to the basics


No ERP system, even Infor CloudSuite Industrial or Infor VISUAL, will give you reliable and accurate information, regardless of the data collected and analyzed, without these “guiding principles” in your manufacturing culture: 

  • Accurate inventory balances and locations. It doesn’t do operations much good to know that they have the parts but are unable to locate them.
  • Bills of Manufacturing that reflect the reality of not only the material and operations required to build an item, but how long it takes to build it as well.
  • Establish and maintain accurate lead-times.
  • Maintaining accurate and realistic due dates for purchased items, jobs, and yes - customer orders.
  • Keeping all those order quantities accurate. Close PO lines where 10 were ordered, but only 9 will ever be received, CO lines when you shipped 9 out of 10 and that’s all they need, and jobs or production schedule releases that will never have the total quantity released completed. Planning will suffer.
  • Management Support of all required policies and procedures to make all of the above possible.
Posted by Jen Scherer at 12:53 PM

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