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Friday, September 14, 2018

New APS Features in CloudSuite Industrial version 10

Version 10 of CloudSuite Industrial is packed with new features designed to help you run your business more efficiently. Here's a list of some new APS features in CSI 10.

1. Shortages are identifiable throughout the BOM

  • Launch Control
    • Only when APS has planned the release
      • Release date on Material Planner Workbench (MPW) form
    • Only when all components are on-hand
      • Ready flag on MPW form
      • Component Shortages APS form – linked button on MPW
    • What if you’re short a sub-assembly?
      • Is the sub-assembly ready?
      • Component shortages through BOM is now available
  • Sample BOM
  • New component shortages APS form

2. Enforce Get ATP/CTP

  • Will automatically calculate ATP/CTP for all CO Lines.
  • Planning Parameters form – APS tab.


 3. Planning Configured Customer Orders

  • Very helpful to customers with CPQ
  • APS will plan the jobs and sub-jobs to line up with the order line qty and dates. But, if the order line qty or date changes, you had to MANUALLY change all the jobs and sub-jobs.
  • This new feature allows the jobs and sub-jobs to FLOAT with the order line changes, IF the jobs HAVE NOT been released yet. A new status of Configured has been added and when APS planning is run, any changes to the qty or due dates are passed to the job and sub-jobs.
  • If the jobs are Firm or Released, then APS will NO longer update the qty or due date on jobs or sub-jobs.
  • Planning Parameters form – APS tab
Old Process New Process
  1. Configure CO line
  2. Source configured job and sub-jobs ("Firm" status)
  3. Manually create replacement structure with intelligent part numbers and BOMs
  4. Change CO Line Qty or date
  5. APS updates (or do it all manually)




  1. Configure order line
  2. Source configured jobs and sub-jobs ("Configured" status)
  3. APS creates companion PLNs
  4. Change CO line qty or date
  5. APS updates configured jobs and sub-jobs to FLOAT with CO line
  6. Release companion PLNs on Material Planner workbench
  7. APS updates jobs status from "Configured" to "Released"
  8. Job no longer FLOAT with the CO line
  • Planning Parameters form – APS tab


  • Customer Order Lines – Source tab


  • Source Job


  • Configured job appear on these forms:
    • Job Orders
    • Job Operations
    • Job Materials
    • Engineering Workbench
    • Engineering Board
    • Planning Detail form (as a PLN)
    • Material Planner Workbench (as a PLN)

4. Encrypting APS passwords

  • Was always stored in Plain text in the registry
  • Will be encrypted along with entire connection string

5. Max What-If Databases limit

  • Relates to how much space you use on the server when using ATP
  • Default is changed from 5 to 2 and the Max from 9,999 to 20.
    • Mainly for Cloud customers – if you need more than 20 instances of the What-If databases you’ll need to contact cloud support to increase this.
  • Parameter on Planning Parameters form – Advanced APS tab


6. Scheduler

  • Scheduling offset after frozen operations
    • More accurate scheduling
    • It used to ignore offsets and would start operations too late
  • Adding custom CSI Scheduler rules to cloud
    • Allows cloud customers to create custom scheduling rules
      • Forms with Scheduler rules:
        • Resources
        • Resource Groups
        • Current Operations
        • Scheduling Parameters
    • On-Premise customers already have this capability
    • Cloud customers must contact Infor Xtreme – request the Codes, create the rule(s) and send back. They will then be available after the next update.

7. APS & Scheduler Error Messages

  • Should be checked after each APS run
  • Replaces the View Planning Messages form and consolidates other areas into this one form
  • APS Planning and Scheduling Messages form


This Infor CloudSuite Industrial tip was brought to you by Infor CSI / SyteLine Consultant, Rod Lindstrom.


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