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Monday, December 16, 2019

Digital Transformation and Manufacturing: Don't Be Intimidated


You might be hearing a lot of hype about a term called 'digital transformation' lately. And, if you work in manufacturing, you might think it's a fancy term for the millennial generation and look the other way. However, the truth is, there's absolutely no escaping this digital revolution that we are currently living in. 

Digital transformation is more than the takeover of social media platforms. It's the seamless communication between the business/customer needs and the business processes and any inefficiencies. It's challenging the status quo and being willing to take chances. When you think of it that way, it seems like manufacturing companies should be the first to jump on board with this new trend. In fact, it's been happening, albeit slowly, but it has been happening for years, we just didn't give it a fancy name.

The digital transformation didn't just happen to business. Do you pay your bills online? Do you email instead of a written letter? Text instead of a phone call? When was the last time you had to fold a map? How about shopping online? 

But, let's get back to business. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been around for decades, although it was usually very painful to implement, it did move data and complete communications for many businesses by creating forecasts, orders, shipments and invoices between business and, if done correctly, with no rekeying of data. 

How Manufacturing Is Currently Embracing Digital Transformation

1. Infor VISUAL Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

In today's faster pace, businesses need to consume data and perform analytics at a moment's notice. With Infor VISUAL's dashboards, users can see what's happening, analyze trends and drill into the details to take immediate action. 

Say goodbye to snail mail. Customer invoices can be automatically emailed and the payment can be made without any checks being printed. 

The manufacturing floor doesn't need someone to manually schedule every activity and hang the paperwork on a production wall, which were often obsolete by the time they were posted. Shop floor scheduling happens digitally, using algorithms that optimize time and give users options to try "what-if" scenarios in the digital world before releasing them to the floor. Those shop floor workers can report what they have completed on a mobile phone or table. 


2. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) ERP 

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) has also embraced the digital transformation in many ways. Workflow controls allow businesses to easily monitor and react to corporate policies via email and messages. For instance, if sales tries to increase a customer's credit limit, management is immediately notified by email and can approve, deny or adjust the credit limit--all digitally. No need for paperwork. No need for a phone call. No need to schedule a meeting. Just get it done. And, on top of that, the entire CSI system is available in just about any browser or device--mobile, tablet, you name it. Now, you can get your work done virtually anywhere. 

Download the CloudSuite Industrial brochure to learn more. 

Both VISUAL and CSI help eliminate the need for endless file cabinets by storing documents digitally for instant online viewing and associating the files in the business system so they are available where and when you need them. Now, when someone on the shop floor needs to view the bule print for their order, they can easily find and access it online. 

Don't be intimidated. Instead, embrace this next phase in history and transform your manufacturing business digitally.

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