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Monday, November 18, 2019

3 Ways to Turn Material Planning Frustrations Into Opportunities

Life is full of frustrations. 


If you're planning materials for production, a customer's last-minute request can turn that frustration into lost sales, missed deliveries or unexpected expediting fees. You don't want to say no and lose the sale, or worse, get the sale and miss the delivery or rack up expediting fees to get materials you thought you already had. 

Get rid of those headaches with our 3 ways to turn material planning frustrations into opportunities for your business. 

1. Have an accurate BOM. 

Accurate Bills of Materials is something most manufacturers strive for. Good upfront engineering is where you start, but good (accurate) reporting on the actual consumption of materials is needed. Along with engineering and reporting, you need to use that history to update the estimated material needed with the actual use. There are several methods to do this, but you need to plan on updating and refining the numbers from that good upfront engineering, so they are even better next time. 

2. Have visibility to all levels of an assembly. 

Visibility is key to material planning. The Manufacturing Window along with the Material Planning Window can help with this, but if the sub-assemblies are built on separately defined Bills of Materials, in this case Engineering Masters, then there will be some effort needed to drill into each of those sub-assemblies to figure out if you have everything you need to build the parent assembly right now. That "effort"is keying in each of the parts in all of the sub-assemblies to figure out what you need and what you have. The level of effort to get the full visibility increases when there are many separately built sub-assemblies. 

3. Have forward looking tools.

Can you answer the question "Will I have enough to make 10 of these now and 50 next week?"

Accuracy and visibility can really help answer the immediate question of "Can I make 3 of these assemblies right now?". Answering today's immediate question is good, but answering tomorrow's question, before it's a problem, will help eliminate the frustration and will allow you to have time to focus on other areas to improve your business. MRP (Material Requirements Planning) can help with the forward-looking plan, but it isn't built for the what-if problem solving environment when you are trying to satisfy your customers' last-minute request. 

Give BizTech's ERP Add-On, Part Planner, A Try.

VISUAL and the Manufacturing Window, along with some simple reports, can help you with the accuracy, but to have true visibility and be able to perform what-if forward-looking questions, you should look at BizTech Part Planner. BizTech Part Planner is built to work with the Material Planning Window and gives you a graphical display of the entire Bill of Materials, even if the sub-assembles are from separate Engineering Masters - one structure in a simple view. It also provides what-if calculations of the entire Bill of Materials for user entered dates and quantities. BizTech Part Planner can turn those last-minute requests and your material planning questions from frustration into opportunities. 

Watch the BizTech Part Planner video to get a full view of the application.


Would you like more information? Read more about BizTech Part Planner here or download the flyer


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