Men having affairs


My husband and I have been together for 2 years. But the last six months he had frequent partying with friends, trips to the sauna, fishing trips. Strange as that. And I forbid him that I can not. Tasted like something to express dissatisfaction with I cheated and hikes in saunas, but he tells me that he has to relax with friends. On the one hand it is right and the other side as something terrible that he cheating on me on these partying. Deny revelers I can not, because he allows me with my friends and go to the cafe and walk with them, and it's not right to prohibit it as her husband hanging out with friends. On one side of the whole situation is similar to trust each other, and on the other side to apathy. So I do not know what to lean. Here at the weekend he again going with friends to the sauna, and I cheated on my boyfriend still do not let the thought that he was there not only walks with friends. Girls, can someone was in a similar situation? Tell me what to do? I even thought there were, not spy there any way to her husband in the sauna. Stops only that if he sees me, I even scary to imagine what will happen

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